Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coultrain "Jungle Mumbo Jumbo"

SOUNDROTATION fav Coultrain just dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album on Plug Research and I'm certain it's gonna be in the top 10 on my Best Of 2013 list. "Jungle Mumbo Jumbo" find Seymour Liberty further in his adventure as he continue his search for self discovery, in almost a frantic pace, as if his life depends on it at this point. Like that of a tribal warrior in his quest toward chiefhood, dissecting every action and every emotion. Will he overcome the challenges of the wilderness? Will he master his heart? Will he find that treasure? Will he be King? Check out the stream below and then RUN to your local record store or hurry up to iTunes or Amazon and COP IT!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

B.jamelle "Rose Tea" (produced by Diggs Duke)

SOUNDROTATION favs singer B.jamelle and producer, musician Diggs Duke teamed up and created this awesome track centered around the healing attributes of "Rose Tea". The track comes complete with Diggs' eccentric mix of ethnic percussion and jazzy horn lines coupled with B.jamelle's sultry tones and vocal bassline. I hope this is the beginning of more collaborations from them. Check it out and cop it at a name your price option.