Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jaafar "Superstar" & "No Pressure"

2 brand new singles from Birmingham soul singer Jaafar, whom I've been a big fan of since seeing him open for Bilal at the last show at Sugar Hill in ATL. As with his earlier music, he sings about life & love (or at least the attempt to). "Superstar" is a 2 step groover about getting rejected on a pick up attempt while "No Pressure" has a slower groove about seizing but not rushing the moment. Both songs are taken from his upcoming album "Supernatural Love" which releases Dec. 16th. Check them out below & follow the instructions in the picture to get the free download.

Stalley "Hercules"

Impressive work from Ohio native Stalley & the 1st leak into his new full length "Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)". Paying homage to his midwest roots, his lyricism & flow is nice over this funky track produced by Rashad Thomas borrowing the groove from the Aaron Neville's "Hercules" . Get the download below.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bilal "Think It Over (Exile Remix)"

That lovely bluesy tune "Think It Over"from Bilal's Airtight's Revenge gets a nice remix treatment from labelmate, producer Exile. The original element of the song is in tact but Exile's kick drum & snare adds a nice touch to it making to the song feel more in motion. Check it out & download it.

Proh Mic "Prohmita"

The second full length in Proh Mic's monthly Prohmotional series is now available. This time he takes us on a cosmic journey thru the galaxy with this 15 track instrumental project Prohmita. Check out the headnodder Milky Way below & get the free download.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full Crate "The Barb"

Sneak preview of yet more hotness from Dutch producer Full Crate. Uptempo broken beat / boogie loveliness. These 2 tunes are set to release as an 7" on Kilawatt Music.

JD73 "Pure Gold"

Nice nusoul club album from UK musician Dan Goldman aka JD73 on Joey Negro's Ze Records. It encompasses a myriad of influences from soul & disco to boogie & funk with some brass work & great instrumentation comparable to Incognito & Negro's Sunburst Band. If features a host of great guest vocalist including Nate James who's track you can hear below. Get the full download here.

Grillade "Dream Of You (Emotionally Yours)" Debut Video

The debut of a collective that I've had my eye on for some time, largely due to the fact that I liked what I heard from each component as separate artist. Grillade (pronounced "gree-YAHD") is joining of keyboardist, producer Keelay, Bay Area soul funk band The Park & Portland soul singer Ragen Fykes. Borrowing their name from a Creole dish made of meat braised in a rich sauce, their sound too is rich & heavy. It can go from a classic soul groove to classic rock with Ragen's jazzy & sometimes bluesy vocals at the helm. Check out their debut video which features cameos from members of Tanya Morgan. For update about their upcoming shows & music, check out their website.

Jack Freeman "Figure It Out" Official Video

Last month I told you about a phenomenal singer from Houston Jack Freeman & his great debut album "Dark Liquor". Now checkout his new video for the song "Figure It Out" which is one of my favs from the album.

Figure It Out - Jack Freeman from Jack Freeman on Vimeo.


Opolopo "Voltage Controlled Feelings"

Swedish producer & keyboard wiz Opolopo's new album on the Tokyo Dawn label is RIGHTEOUS!!!! 13 tracks of serious electro, funk & 80's inspired boogie grooves. Heavy on synths & drum machine, the grooves can remind you of groups like The System at some moments & Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra the next. The album has a killer roster of guest vocalist including his good friend Amalia, Toronto based jazz singer Sacha Williamson, UK singer Farah & Erik Rico who's collaboration can be heard below. The official release date is December 3rd but you can get an early download of it on Tokyo Dawn's website.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Proh Mic "Cosmic Beauty"

1st leak into the next Prohmotional download from mc/musician/producer Proh Mic. "Cosmic Beauty" is an interstellar groove with a pulsating drum beat & high pitch soundscapes that induce a visual of a phoenix rising & soaring. Get it below & get ready for the full length "Prohmita" which will be available at the end of the month.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Duke Hugh "St. Louis To Madrid"

It hasn't even been a month since the Mr Saint Louis EP by Olivier Daysoul & Oddisee released & already it's gotten a lovely remix treatment. Since the release came with accapella's, Dutch producer Duke Hugh took them & reshaped the tunes into 4 killer versions ranging from a slow broken beat, to dub & electronic bossa. Get the free download below.

Coultrain "While She Was Sleeping"

In preparation for upcoming projects & shows all over the states, Seymour Liberty aka Coultrain dropped this collection compiled & mixed by DJ Limelight of some of his greatest work to date including tunes from his 1st album, his latest & collabs with artist including Hawthorne Headhunters, Daru Jones, I'Ced & Tall Black Guy available as a free download.
   Coultrain X DJ Limelight-While She Was Sleeping by Coultrain-WSWS

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adventures of the Space Cadets

Latest project from MC/Singer Stacy Epps & her drummer/producer & hubby Everett James. "Escape From Digital World" is a futuristic fairy tale of a scientist & an intergalactic traveler:

In the year 2010, Dr. Simon Lucas founded NME Enterprises. The brilliant young doctor pioneered in human genetics and robotics which lead him to receive the highest honors from the scientific community. His most coveted experiment and invention was the Lucas Digital Heart which was completely synthetic and beat with no external power source. In an arms race the young doctor found himself under attack for his technology and secrets. While attempting to escape with his family he is kidnapped. These men killed his family and shot the young doctor through the heart. In an attempt to save his life he implanted himself with the prototype Lucas Digital Heart, but the heart malfunctioned after a severe power surge. The doctor survived but became completely cold losing all feelings and emotions for mankind. With NME Enterprises he preserved his body for 1000 years and slowly replaced parts of himself with robotic pieces and cloning.

Now it is the year 3010, and NME Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of Clones, Robots, and Cyborgs. They now out number humans and are under the complete control of the evil doctor. With this power Dr. Simon Lucas becomes the President of the Digital World Alliance.  He swiftly passes the Human Error Act outlawing all art, music, and expression that cannot be explained by logic. Enter our freedom fighters. Rockmon Annon is a sound rebel from the Atlantis underground who uses sound waves to unite the humans. Satchinanda is the intergalactic traveler who uses her voice and energy to heal all who listen. Together they are the SPACE KADETS! Their plan is to ESCAPE FROM DIGITAL WORLD by defeating Dr. Simon Lucas and reaching the sacred planet known as Chocolate Heaven. Stay tuned for more Adventures of the Space Kadets…

                  Get a free download of the single & purchase the full project below.

Antonia Jenae "Filled Up"

Lovely bit of soulfulness from South Florida diva Antonia Jenae. Real smooth & groovy with a jazzy feel in her delivery with keys that give it a little funk edge too. I'm thinking of late evening drives or 2 stepping in the house. ESSENTIAL. I'll update you on her full project that's coming soon. For know, check out the groove.

Mar - 1st Session

Dutch soul sensation Mar return with his monthly installment to his Variations series where he creates different versions of songs, improved upon with his vocals. This month he chose to create a piece over an already produced track from Dutch hiphop producer Louis Bordeaux.  The instrumental originally appeared on Bourdeaux's Let's Love Life album. Download the variation below & go to Mar's website to check out the accompanied video.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roos Jonker "Mmmmm"

Being in love with the latest track from Pete Philly sent me on a search to discover more about the featured singer Roos Jonker. Also from Amsterdam, she studied traditional jazz & improvisation, which I hear at the core of her music & much more. She a multi instrumentalist that also produces beats on her laptop. Her debut album "Mmmm" has a great blend of  jazz & pop that can go from acoustic to produced, from open space to melodic beat laden  grooves but not too heavy on the electronics that it drowns the musicianship & songwriting. Check out her debut video below as well as a few tunes on her soundcloud page & purchase the full album on iTunes.

   Roos Jonker - Mmmmm by Dox Records
   Roos Jonker - Man In The Middle by Dox Records
   Roos Jonker - New Dress by Dox Records

Pete Philly "Open Loops"

HOTNESS from the Dutch scene that seem to be DOMINATING in the world of great soulful grooves recently. You may recognize the name Pete Philly from his years of acclaimed work with Perquisite. Now the talented mc, singer, actor is doing his own thing with this KILLER project "Open Loops" which he is releasing song by song every Monday on his website, one of the hottest website I've ever visited. Shoutout to his web designer LOL. Check out the latest leak "Remember You" featuring a talented singer Roos Jonker who I had to search for after hearing this tune. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS TUNE!!! I can't stop playing it. Check out his website for the download of it as well as the previous tunes & for the next ones.

C3 "Contempojazzsoulhop

Nice smoothness from 3 musicians who live on 3 different coast & are also 3 well respected names in the world of soul music podcasting, Doug "Mr. Fresh" Ramsay of Vibes and Scribes, Todd "The Big La" Kelley of Flowink & Trel Robinson aka Fave of Friday Favecast. The groove of this 5 track EP is as the title suggest, contemporary jazz & soul with a hint of hiphop. Get the free download below.

Sly Johnson "74"

I'd like to thank my good people at BamaLoveSoul for hipping me to this. Sly Johnson, not to be confused with Syl, is a soul singer & former mc/beatboxer in France most popular hiphop unit Saian Super Crew. The crew disbanded in 07 & Johnson began his new journey. Working with trumptere Erik Truffaz & good friend Nigerian singer Ayo, Sly discovered that it was the end of the road for him & hiphop. Embarking on this soulful affair was his rebirth, eventually naming the album 74 after the year he was born. It's filled with classic touches that take me back to the late 60's, early 70's soul of artist like Al Green to Jackie Wilson. In fact there's even a great cover of an Otis Redding tune. Although the record is drenched in nostalgia, it does have a modern & refreshing sound thanks to a killer roster of musicians & guest including members of Soulive, Cindy Blackman, Rachel Claudio, Ayo, Slum Village & arranger Larry Gold. Listen to one of my favs from the project below & get the full download here.

Mark de Clive Lowe selects CHURCH: Forward 2

In preparation for his monthly Sunday night event at Angel's Piano Bar in LA, keyboard wiz & producer Mark de Clive Lowe is serving up this delicious mix as an appetizer. The mix include 10 songs from his production vault & incredible work he's done with artist like Bembe Segue, Chico Hamilton & Danilo Perez. Listen to it below on get the download from his website.

1. Interlude I - MdCL
2. El Toro (MdCL remix) - Chico Hamilton
3. Rainha (MdCL remix) - Çeu
4. Reprogram feat Bembe Segue - MdCL
5. Relax...Unwind (Afrojas remix) - MdCL feat Abdul Shyllon
6. Naima - MdCL feat Bembe Segue
7. Pan Africa (MdCL Melodius remix) - Danilo Perez
8. El Dia Perfecto (reprise) - MdCL
9. Even If It Is So Jamal - Bembe Segue
10. Bud's Spiral - MdCL

Focus ft. Von Pea, Don Will & Chaundon "Ali Shaheed"

The latest in the stellar "Pay Homage" series from hiphop producer Focus where he create great tributes to the masters of hiphop. This time the honoree is Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  He enlisted the talents of Von Pea & Don Will of Tanya Morgan & Chaundon of the Justus League. Nothing else to say but DOPENESS!!!

B. Lewis, Thriftworks, Insightful & Ril "8."

Nice compilation from the California beatmaker collective of Thriftworks, Insightful, Ril & B. Lewis whom I featured on the blog back in September. 8 tracks, 2 between each producer, of headnodding, sometimes gritty, electro hiphop instrumentals. Get the download below.

Yahzarah "Love Come Save The Day (Ahmed Sirour Remix)"

Back in August / September Yahzarah dropped something in my inbox requesting feedback. When I saw that it was a remix to one of my FAVORITE songs from her stellar Ballad of Purple Saint James album, I'll admit to approaching it with a side eye. I usually respond that way to any remix of a song that I felt was perfect in its original form. Another reason was because, at the time, I didn't know anything about the producer who remixed it. But as a fan, I trusted her ear & as a personal friend I saw how much work went into the making of that record & knew that Yahz wouldn't give her baby to anyone if it wasn't gonna be in good hands & she was right. Ahmed Sirour (whom I now know from his dope ass remix of Eric Roberson's "Still" he did with my homie DJ Kemit) totally took the song into another realm. Keeping the integrity very much in tact but adding an edgier electrosoul almost melodic drum & bass energy that gives it a bit of kick. Check it out below & you can get a free download of it by tweeting it or posting it to your FB page at this link.

Reggie B - The Traveler

After a summer of releasing some great free downloads, Kansas City singer / producer & INnatesounds crew member Reggie B finally releases his full length & IT IS A BANGER! Killer selection of electric soul with a little of everything, a little grit, a little jazz & a lot of funk. Songs about life, love & it's ups & downs. Check out one of my FAVORITE tunes from the project below & I URGE YOU to purchase the full album on Amazon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Max Essa "White Shoes Blue Dreams"

Nice groovy album from Japan based multi instrumentalist Max Essa. Slick grooves & sunblessed melodic musicality that will take you back to the grooves of the early 80's Italian electric disco or grooves like Level 42 or even Simple Minds at times. I can see him as a good opener on a Little Dragon show.
   White Shoes Blue Dreams [L.P version] by Max Essa