Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yahzarah "Love Come Save The Day (Ahmed Sirour Remix)"

Back in August / September Yahzarah dropped something in my inbox requesting feedback. When I saw that it was a remix to one of my FAVORITE songs from her stellar Ballad of Purple Saint James album, I'll admit to approaching it with a side eye. I usually respond that way to any remix of a song that I felt was perfect in its original form. Another reason was because, at the time, I didn't know anything about the producer who remixed it. But as a fan, I trusted her ear & as a personal friend I saw how much work went into the making of that record & knew that Yahz wouldn't give her baby to anyone if it wasn't gonna be in good hands & she was right. Ahmed Sirour (whom I now know from his dope ass remix of Eric Roberson's "Still" he did with my homie DJ Kemit) totally took the song into another realm. Keeping the integrity very much in tact but adding an edgier electrosoul almost melodic drum & bass energy that gives it a bit of kick. Check it out below & you can get a free download of it by tweeting it or posting it to your FB page at this link.

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