Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Darien Brockington "Rain" Official Video

YES!!!! My brother Darien Brockington just released his official video for the single "Rain" which can be found on his release "Cold Case Files".   


Akua Allrich "Hard To Get" Video.

I was introduced to the music of Akua Allrich by my lady YahZarah & I quickly went to find out more about her. She's a Washington DC native & HU Alum where she majored in Jazz Vocals. So of course, this is the core of her sound but the whole gambit; the swing, the blues & the afro soul sides as well. She has just released a video of one of the loveliest tunes, Hard To Get,  from her debut album "A Peace Of Mine".Check it out!!!!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Suzi Analogue NNXTAPE

I was introduced to the world of Suzi Analogue by my man Kenny Fresh at Fresh Selects (whom you should be following as well) & have been following her ever since. So I'm excited to announce that her new project is now available. The NNXTAPE is every bit of the fun electrosoul pop that been associated with her & the likes of Muhsinah, Kissey Asplund & J*Davey.  The beats are WICKED! & often give many cues to hiphop of early 90's & compliment Suzi's voice & pen very well. Also in 90's hiphop fashion, when you purchase the NNXTAPE, the package include an actual full length cassette, 11 x 17 poster, stickers & a download. Check it all out!!!

                  <a href="http://suzianalogue.bandcamp.com/album/nnxtape">G&#8734;d Mornin by Suzi Analogue</a>
Life In Analogue from Suzi Analogue on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Erik Rico Marc Mac "Destiny"

When the word spread that LA based singer / producer Erik Rico was teaming up with Marc Mac (of 4hero), most responded "wow'. Others replied  "that's dope & of course there were a few that asked "who are they again". But my response was "Elizabeth, I'm coming to join ya honey" lol. I mean I've been screaming Erik Rico's name ever since I heard his release "Journey Back To Me" in 08 & Marc Mac!!! Let's just say I love 4hero so much that it was my password for all of my accounts (BACK THEN lol). But never the less, they have teamed up& have an AMAZING project coming called "Direct Soul". This is the 1st track that leaked from the project & it is a BANGER !!!! Give it a listen & leave your comments."

Bilal Salaam - Our Art Ark!

<a href="http://bilalsalaam.bandcamp.com/track/our-art-ark">Our Art Ark by Bilal Salaam</a>

It's been awhile since we heard from the master poet, composer & enigma that is Bilal Salaam. Always know that if he's quiet, music & art is coming. He has a new project coming title "Pedagogia do Oprimido", an aural coming of age story, inspired by the revolutionary Paulo Friere classic of the same name. This track is from that project.

Beauty In Distortion

Be sure to check out the latest mix on the SOUNDROTATION podcast page. It's a great mix of new modern music that blur genre lines from some of Soul Indie Culture's greatest warriors like Bilal, Zo! ft Sy Smith, & Cody Chestnutt. Also include some rising stars like Coultrain, Slakah The Beatchild & Yaw. Check it out & PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!!!!!!


1. Who Are You / Bilal
2. Driving Me Sane / Yaw
3. Dizzy Dance / Esperanzah
4. What X It Was / Coultrain
5. Home / Benny Tones ft. Joe Dukie
6. Heavy / Green
7. Sighs & Wonders / Soul Cycle ft. John Robinson
8. Greatest Weapon Of All Time / Zo! ft. Sy Smith
9. Do Better To The Young / Cody Chestnutt
10. Here In My Bed / Torri Griffin
11. Need To Know / Marcus Harmon
12. Shine / Wahoo
13. Let's Find A Way / Mama's Gun
14. She Knows / Reggie B.
15. Fade (Remix) / Sarah White
16. You Made My Day / Arin Maya
 17. Vibe & Ride Pt.1 / Slakah The Beatchild

MdCL presents Sy Smith - TRUTH

The 1st single & official video for the collaboration of Mark de Clive Lowe & Sy Smith is now available to the world. Banging uptempo funky grooves that only can be done by Mashi Beats & Her Syberness. Funky, fun & uplifting. The video was directed by Sy's hubby, Shawn Carter Peterson. Excellent job!!!!
Keep your ears open for the full project. Check out the video & get the single at http://www.defected.com/store/details/MdCL+presents+Sy+Smith/Truth/1807/d

Tanya Auclair

NEW ARTIST ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So glad this UK singer showed up on my radar.  Tanya Auclair lo-fi adventures blend electro pop with a blend of jazz & folk. From Joni Mitchell to E.S.G. Fans of Little Dragon, Quadron & Sonnymoon will really dig her. Click the link for a free download of her EP & check out the video clip of a performance she did with a producer by the name of YULT. http://tanyaauclair.bandcamp.com/ 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coultrain - GodMustBeABoogieMan EP Mixtape!!!

As a writer, I hate it when it's hard describe something. But as a music lover, I LOVE it when you can't pigeonhole an artist to a category or compare him to anyone & none can be a truer statement than when taking about Seymour Liberty aka Coultrain. He easily moves thru the gambit of the whole Black music experience. From the discipline of the church, to the cool of jazz, to the agony of the blues, to the angst of a street performer back to repentance. This is the feel of this gifted poet & singer & the arrangement of his latest release, GodMustBeABoogieMan. This 3 part movement tells the story of The Sabbatical. It features production by his fellow St. Louis crewmate Black Spade as well as TokiMonsta, J1 (of Mazter Blazter) & Teeko. It also has Coultrain flowing beautifully over some of his favorite Jazz & Rock gems by the likes of Madlib & his Yesterdays New Quintet, Patrice Rushen, Gary McFarland & Dorothy Ashby. Get the download below.

Evermore by Olu

Most of you should remember singer / songwriter Olu from his 1999 debut which was co-produced by Sade & Sweetback member Stuart Matthewman & contained the song Sista Why in which The Roots remix of this song is still sought after. After breaking away from the label, Olu returned in 2004 with the release of his second album, Beautiful Place, that he put out independently. Now, he returns with his latest album. Evermore is a collection of acoustic songs performed on piano and guitar, layered with his passionate vocals, and evocative lyrics. Check out the video of the title track & get both indie releases here: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Olu

Invincible + Waajeed - "Detroit Summer"/"Emergence"

Check out the official video for the latest collaboration between Waajeed & Invincible. SERIOUS Detroit BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zo! SunStorm

Since the release of Leave It All Behind, it has been all systems go for Foreign Exchange, not only as a group but also as a label. With releases from Nicolay, YahZarah & now SunStorm from multi instrumentalist & keyboard player Lorenzo Ferguson aka Zo!.
You might remember Zo! from the whimsical 80's cover album with Tigallo aka Phonte. Since teaming with Phonte & the FE family, Zo's musical career really started taking form. With production & musician credits for artist like Little Brother, Median, & PPP (in which he played bass & keys). He also released an EP with the FE label "Just Visiting Too" that's available as a free download & was just a taster for the greatness that was about to come. SunStorm, like the title suggest, is bursting with warm sun soaked gems that groove, with a list of guest singers that are the creme de la creme of the current indie soul movement. But don't think compilation or mixtape, SunStorm is a complete thought, much like a Quincy Jones masterpiece. Hailing from DC but born & raised in Detroit, this album is a definite reflection of those travels. From the 8 mile headnodders like the title track "SunStorm" ft. YahZarah & "Greater Than The Sun" ft. Phonte, the 2 step of the 1st single "This Could Be The Night" which features Eric Roberson, FE member Darien Brockington & Big Pooh of Little Brother, to the anthem driven "Greatest Weapon Of All Time" featuring Sy Smith, the breezy La Costa-esque "All Is Well With Love" featuring Chantae Cann & "Flight Of The Blackbyrd" which has the sweet smell of Mizell Bros. all over it. & I can't forget the 10 minute slow cooker that closes the album, "MakeLuv2Me" featuring Monica Blaire that I'm certain will make it to your love making music playlist on your iPod. The buzz on this project is well deserved & definitely live up to it expectation. I will be listening to this album for years to come.