Sunday, August 29, 2010

Erik Rico Marc Mac "Destiny"

When the word spread that LA based singer / producer Erik Rico was teaming up with Marc Mac (of 4hero), most responded "wow'. Others replied  "that's dope & of course there were a few that asked "who are they again". But my response was "Elizabeth, I'm coming to join ya honey" lol. I mean I've been screaming Erik Rico's name ever since I heard his release "Journey Back To Me" in 08 & Marc Mac!!! Let's just say I love 4hero so much that it was my password for all of my accounts (BACK THEN lol). But never the less, they have teamed up& have an AMAZING project coming called "Direct Soul". This is the 1st track that leaked from the project & it is a BANGER !!!! Give it a listen & leave your comments."

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