Monday, August 30, 2010

Suzi Analogue NNXTAPE

I was introduced to the world of Suzi Analogue by my man Kenny Fresh at Fresh Selects (whom you should be following as well) & have been following her ever since. So I'm excited to announce that her new project is now available. The NNXTAPE is every bit of the fun electrosoul pop that been associated with her & the likes of Muhsinah, Kissey Asplund & J*Davey.  The beats are WICKED! & often give many cues to hiphop of early 90's & compliment Suzi's voice & pen very well. Also in 90's hiphop fashion, when you purchase the NNXTAPE, the package include an actual full length cassette, 11 x 17 poster, stickers & a download. Check it all out!!!

                  <a href="">G&#8734;d Mornin by Suzi Analogue</a>
Life In Analogue from Suzi Analogue on Vimeo.

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