Monday, May 26, 2014

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents Church

Keyboard wizard, producer Mark de Clive-Lowe is back with blowing our minds once again with his new full length inspired by his highly successful L.A. and NYC club night "Church" and like the event, the album finds him doing what he does best; blending cosmic jazz and electric dance grooves through a mix of live instrumentation and electronics creating some of the most soulful and progressive tunes of the 21st Century. And no "Church" experience is complete without a stellar cast of guest singers and musicians including emcee John Robinson, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Jamire Williams, theeKIDICARUS, first lady Nia Andrews and many more. This album will surely land on my Best Of 2014 list. COP IT NOW!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sorceress "Dose"

After being blown away by their 2012 debut album "Chequered Thoughts", I have eagerly anticipated a follow up from the unit, once known as Funkommunity. At last, they're back with that follow up under a new name and boasting a deeper sound. Now called Sorceress, the New Zealand based group led by producer Isaac Aesili and singer Rachel Fraser, continue to cast spells and work their music magic with "Dose", their new album that will surely having you overdosing on it all summer. With their style of electrosoul intact, Sorceress take it deeper and more energetic with grooves a bit more melodic and tight. Danceable at times, fun and free flowing throughout. I highly recommend you take a "dose" of this goodness.

Daniel Crawford "The Awakening"

In the fall of  2012, Daniel Crawford got us to swallow the "Red Pill". Reeling from that high, a year later, we felt the "Side Effects". Now, we are prepared for "The Awakening". On this highly anticipated sophomore album, Daniel offers up his most cohesive project to date and that's saying a lot given that his previous releases were stellar. On The Awakening, he draw heavily from jazz, soul and fusion of yester years, like using a rear view mirror. to guide his travels ahead bringing forth a modern classic with hints of ancestral rhythms throughout. Including the much buzzed about single "Home" that features Cleveland P. Jones on vocals, his tribute to the late, great George Duke and appearances from Vikter Duplaix, Amp Fiddler and flautist Monet, this album will definitely land top 10 on my Best Of 2014 list. Did I mention his killer covers of Prince and Fela Kuti? Yeah Daniel did NOT play around. Check it out below and cop NOW!

Friday, May 2, 2014

NEW ARTIST ALERT: James Tillman "Shangri La"

Ever so often an artist seemingly comes out of the woodwork and just blow my mind, and in 2014 that artist name is James Tillman. The D.C native dropped his debut ep this week and my ONLY gripe is that with only four songs, it leaves me wanting more. Built on his love of music and listening to his parents collection that consisted of everything from Joni Mitchell to Afrika Bambataa, his debut ep "Shangri La" is a glorious blend of jazzy soul with a hint of folk with a vocal delivery and tones that flows a like a river. Word on the street is he's working on a full length so get this slice of beauty below and prepare. It's the best four dollars you will ever spend in your life.COP IT NOW!