Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adventures of the Space Cadets

Latest project from MC/Singer Stacy Epps & her drummer/producer & hubby Everett James. "Escape From Digital World" is a futuristic fairy tale of a scientist & an intergalactic traveler:

In the year 2010, Dr. Simon Lucas founded NME Enterprises. The brilliant young doctor pioneered in human genetics and robotics which lead him to receive the highest honors from the scientific community. His most coveted experiment and invention was the Lucas Digital Heart which was completely synthetic and beat with no external power source. In an arms race the young doctor found himself under attack for his technology and secrets. While attempting to escape with his family he is kidnapped. These men killed his family and shot the young doctor through the heart. In an attempt to save his life he implanted himself with the prototype Lucas Digital Heart, but the heart malfunctioned after a severe power surge. The doctor survived but became completely cold losing all feelings and emotions for mankind. With NME Enterprises he preserved his body for 1000 years and slowly replaced parts of himself with robotic pieces and cloning.

Now it is the year 3010, and NME Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of Clones, Robots, and Cyborgs. They now out number humans and are under the complete control of the evil doctor. With this power Dr. Simon Lucas becomes the President of the Digital World Alliance.  He swiftly passes the Human Error Act outlawing all art, music, and expression that cannot be explained by logic. Enter our freedom fighters. Rockmon Annon is a sound rebel from the Atlantis underground who uses sound waves to unite the humans. Satchinanda is the intergalactic traveler who uses her voice and energy to heal all who listen. Together they are the SPACE KADETS! Their plan is to ESCAPE FROM DIGITAL WORLD by defeating Dr. Simon Lucas and reaching the sacred planet known as Chocolate Heaven. Stay tuned for more Adventures of the Space Kadets…

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