Friday, February 11, 2011

Dotmatic "Lullabies For Winter"

Record Breakin Music is gearing up to release the latest hotness from Philly based producer Dotmatic. A killer ep of dreamtastic soundscapes serving as the perfect soundtrack to get you thru the brutal winter days. In preparation, there is a FREE downloadable promo mix of tunes that inspired the EP which releases on Feb. 14th. Check it below & for the ep, go to

Winter, the coldest and most dreaded season of the year. The days are short and the nights are long. If you're not used to the cold you will hate it but for someone who was born in the winter, there is beauty and warmth already present.

Each track takes you through a different moment within the season.
Quiet, stillness, calm, gentle snow, storms, blizzard, love, family, break up, solitude

Goal: Forget that anything or anyone else exist for that moment. If you're snowed in or coming home after a long day work-whether you're alone or with the one you love-find your moment. Let this project be your soundtrack.

Re:Winter - songs listened to during the creative sessions for
"Lullabies Of Winter" (plus a few special treats..)

   Dotmatic - Lullabies for Winter (Promo RE:Winter Mix) by Recordbreakin

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