Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colonel Red "Keep Walkin"

The stellar 3rd album from UK soul man Colonel Red is defines the past, present & future of his music. Bringing his sound back to his organically soulful past together with the experiences of his present with traces of futuristic influence. Lyrically, he is always on point with his messages of freedom, life & relationships. There's also an outstanding appearance from famed poet Ursula Rucker.  Get a free download of the title track below & purchase the full album from Tokyo Dawn's website!

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  1. Hola Duanne

    Just passing thru, great posts as always. This fella is coming to Alicante, Spain, in a few weeks for a PA at a soul weekender near mi casa. Looking forward to see him perform. Keep up the great work here. Saludos mi amigo