Saturday, May 19, 2012

Picnic "Sirens"

Dallas based producer, emcee Picnic of Badu's group The Cannabinoids, & former member of P.P.T.,  who's also produced joints for Kid Cudi, Kids In The Hall & Devin The Dude to name a few steps front & center with his debut album "Sea Monsters" slated for the end of the summer. To get your mouth watering, Picnic created a series entitled "Sirens", collection of songs he's giving away as free downloads to precede the release of the album.

"In Greek mythology, Sirens were the femme fatales of the sea who lured in sailors with their enchanting voices only to lead them to destruction".

The first in the "Sirens" collection is the bouncy "Then Dust", a tune with a nice blend of soulful electropop & hop hop.


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