Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kan Sano: (Preview)

I've had a love affair with the music of Japanese pianist, composer Kan Sano since meeting him some eight or nine years ago on Myspace. I even installed translator just so that I can read his posts online. 2014 is already looking to be a killer year for music and the announcement last week that he's coming with a new album sealed the deal.

From the preview, "" is already threatening to make it on my Best Of  2014 list and it's only January and the preview is only five minutes. But in that short time span, I was wowed. You hear many elements comparable to his last project Bennetrhodes and so much more. This album make its rounds in jazz, funk, a little pop and a hint of classical influence with guest appearances from Benny Sings and Monday Michiru. If all of this happens in the five minute snippet, I surely can't wait til February 5th to hear it in its entirety. And did I mention that the cover art is ridic? Check it out.

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