Friday, February 14, 2014

NEW ARTIST ALERT! Zetroc: Atrophy

Shout out to my homie, graphic designer Graham Haynes for turning me on to this talented producer and singer Zetroc. Hailing from Louisiana  Jamey Brown aka Zetroc started in the studio back in 08 just experimenting. Six years later, that experimenting has turned into this glorious debut ep. Dealing with the ups and downs of life including the loss of his mother, Zetroc dug deep into his soul and "Atrophy" was born.

"Atrophy is somewhat of a running joke I had with myself about this record (sorry it took so long) and the title also serves as a testament to what I've learned and applied as a producer and individual. At the time I started working on this I had a limited amount of resources to create, However I felt that these compositions were born out of necessity rather than the luxury of having various tools at my reach. With every sound you may hear in this music; Every single one was a learning process. Which often times left me with mixed feelings of excitement and resentment towards this learning curve and the project in general. In "Atrophy", I wrote about experiences of mine within a particular six year period of my life. From losing my mother, to Deconstructing hopelessness, and finding love in someone who mirrors the worst parts of you as a person...and resenting them for it. Atrophy is my reaction to what could happen if I were to not use my creativity and expression as a means to actually feel alive. No matter how challenging or foreign the process may be, The most frightening thing is always is not knowing what could have happened"

Check out this amazing debut filled with experimental soulful goodness and I'm sure he'll stay on your radar.

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