Friday, September 10, 2010

Nathan Haines "Heaven And Earth"

I had received word about 6 months ago that saxophonist & future electro jazz artist Nathan Haines was releasing another album & as usual I was excited. After all the other albums were some of THE HOTTEST future jazz broken beat albums in circulation but here it is months later & no store, distributor or blog has made mention of it. Not being able to wait any longer I surfed the net to discover that the latest album had released but only in his homeland of New Zealand. Bummer in a sense that he made alot of noise & fans with his previous international releases but thanks to the internet & paypal, I know own it (YAY!) & want you to get your hands on it as well. More experimental than his previous albums "Heaven And Earth" incorporates Nathan's soulful soundscapes with a hint of dub & global sounds, but like the rest the base is always jazz. UK soul diva Vanessa Freeman returns on vocal. Check out the tune below. Get the full digital download here or surf the net to find an import hard copy. It's worth it! 

                        Nathan Haines ft. Vanessa Freeman - It's Alright

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