Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uncle Shecky & Green Tea......The Crazy 8's

DC Soul sensation Green Tea & ATL based DJ / Producer Uncle Shecky aka Apple Jac have teamed up again to create this KILLER EP, which is remixes of Green Tea's last full length album Dosage II. Now I have to admit, I usually approach remix projects with caution, especially when the material that's been remixed is songs that I liked so much in their original form. But Shecky really hit this one on the money. He transformed the material in a refreshing & energetic way that kept the integrity of the songs in mind but added such depth & edginess that it sound like a different project all together & making it WORTH THE WHILE!!!! Please support this great indie pair buy purchasing the full EP & SPREAD THE WORD!!!
                    <a href="">Uncle Shecky &amp; Green Tea Present...The Crazy 8s by Green Tea</a>

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