Saturday, October 30, 2010

ISoul8 & Mark de Clive "Stop Bajon"

I often cringe at the idea of someone remixing or re-making classics or songs that are so stellar in their original form. Too many times have I seen or heard this go TERRIBLY wrong. Either the remake/remix totally disregard the original or the artist that created it didn't have what it took to create a refreshed version & just recreated the piece note for note with no real feeling or emotion. That is not the case with this KILLER remake of the Tullio de Piscopo CLASSIC! but of course it took 2 producers who are masters nujazz fusion to do it. Volcov aka ISoul8 & Mark de Clive Lowe made this arrangement their own. Nothing will ever top the original of course but this version is a refreshing reminder of what a modern remake should sound like. I am definitely gonna be burning this up in my sets. I also can't wait to hear Theo Parrish's treatment of it, which is gonna be on the flip of the 12".
  Stop Bajon - Isoul8 + Mark de Clive-Lowe by mashibeats

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