Sunday, October 3, 2010

Laetitia Sadier "The Trip"

After 20 years of being the lead singer of the electro pop giants Stereolab & also the side band Monade, Laetitia Sadier finally steps out on her own with this solo debut. "The Trip" is not a far cry from her work with Stereolab. Still has that whimsical jazzy erotica pop feel but more stripped down putting her lyrics at the forefront adding just a hint of folk into the mix. One of the most consistent albums this year. Being that I'm a Stereolab fan, I can breathe a little easier at the news of the band going on a hiatus indefinitely, as long as Laetitia is creating albums like this. Listen to the opening track & go to your local retailers, Amazon & iTunes to purchase the complete album.


  1. i do hear "can you feel it" by the Jackson 5...altho her vocals are interesting..will she be sending the Jackson their dough?..i like this remix of the jacksons!