Thursday, October 28, 2010

Universal Puzzle

Making the latest mix on SOUNDROTATION podcast page was interesting. Initially I didn't know what I wanted the theme to be. I had a few tunes that I was digging, quite a few was featured on this blog, but I wasn't sure if they fit together or could make a complete thought. I soon discovered I was in my "own worst critic" mode & was making too much of a fuss over it. The best thing to do was to let it go & let the universe put things together & that's what I did. This mix is 21st Century eclectic-ness from every angle; afro inspired broken beat, electrofunk, jazzy soul with a little spoken word & a hint of hiphop.Check it & PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!

1. Life Is So Strange / Akabu ft. Tony Momrelle
2. Destiny / Erik Rico & Marc Mac
3. Ease Back / Galaxy Group
4. Forgot The Steel Pans / 2000Black
5. Zen I (Black-Consumed-Any Questions) / IG Culture
6. Nelson / Teddy Rok
7. You Got A Hold On Me / Saunders Sermons ft. Yahzarah
8. Tell Me / JSoul ft. Carol Riddick
9. Just A Song / OlivierDaysoul
10. Love Is A Game / Yolanda Johnson
11. Free / Bilal
12. Respect / L.Elemen ft Jasmine 
13. Me & You / 1-O.A.K.
14. Change (Show Me How) / Phantom Lover ft. Nicholas Ryan Gant
15. Place In My Heart / Taylor McFerrin ft. Ryat
16. The Lie / Yahzarah
17. Everything In Its Right Place / Osunlade ft. Erro
18. A Sheep's Plea / Wes Felton ft. Marshall Keys

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